Zipping through Seattle

Zipping through Seattle

No wonder people are sleepless here… the combination of awesome coffee and sights to see could keep a person up for days.  Two nights in Seattle and a day trip to Vancouver was a perfect mini winter getaway from LA. My friend and I left Los Angeles on a Sunday while the city was mid-storm (a rare event, indeed) and arrived to a chilly yet sunny Seattle a short two hours later. We were incredibly lucky to have no rain throughout the whole trip- something we did not expect. Sunny skies with low temps for our late January trip.

It’s never too cold for a popsicle!

Can I just say that people are just so NICE in Seattle. People seem genuinely happy to live in this city, and I don’t blame them- IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Every interaction we had in this city was received with a smile. The only exception being when we tried to cross the border back into the States, but then again border patrol always seems to have something stuck up their butts.

Downtown Seattle was still threaded with beautiful Christmas lights, giving off those holiday vibes that I love so much. One thing I should mention though is that things do close quite early- a lot of shops and cafes were closed by 7 pm but there is an interesting night scene to explore.

Transportation: Seattle is quite small, although we did make the decision to rent a car (for Vancouver) walking and public transportation (or Uber) is definitely a smart way to see the city. Parking is a bit of hassle and a little pricy in the downtown area, there is rarely any free parking during the day time.

Stay: Airbnb is the way to go for this city! We stayed in the heart of downtown with an awesome coffee and doughnut shop LITERALLY next door (Top Pot Doughnuts). Prices were extremely reasonable, and in the case of our particular Airbnb the check-in/check-out was easy and convenient.

Where we explored: Due to the fact that a lot of the main attractions are congregated in a fairly close radius it was easy to hit a lot of the main spots we wanted to see. We decided to buy the Seattle City Pass- which came with 5 different attractions and can be used up within 9 days. Our first stop was obvious-Pike Place Market followed by the ever so famous and sticky Gum Wall in a hidden alley behind the market. Next, we made our way down to the pier and rode the huge Ferris wheel overlooking the harbor. We walked to the Space Needle next- about a half an hour walk with some hills to climb (so feel free to eat those fried fish and chips). At this point, it was already dark outside and the views of the city were incredible. The pass gives you day and night access to the needle, but we didn’t have time to make it the following day. After a quick shower and change we decided to hit Capitol Hill- essentially the West Hollywood of Seattle- very hipster, rainbows everywhere, quirky bars on every corner. Unicorn Bar was on our list- a carnival-themed bar serving up “interesting” drinks such as unicorn jizz (yes, I’m serious). We called it a night after our little stint at the bar since we had to be up early to leave the city for Vancouver the next day. Check out my separate post on our day trip to Vancouver here.

The last day of our trip was used up to finish some of the attractions on our city pass. We toured the Museum of Pop Culture first which was realllllllly cool! If your a fan of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, football, video games or music then you will definitely enjoy this super interesting and interactive museum. We were SUPER disappointed that the Chihuly Glass Museum was closed due to maintenance- but what can ya do! We opted for the Science Center next door instead- also super interactive and kid-friendly. This museum has a butterfly exhibit, so if you like pretty butterflies zipping around you then make your way here. For the final few hours of our trip we went cruisin’ on the Argosy Harbor Tour- super knowledgeable and nice tour guide included. Pointing out the spots where Grey’s Anatomy filmed scenes was enough to get me to listen. The boat tour lasts an hour- awesome views of the city, the water and sea otters included. We wrapped up the day and the trip with a final stroll through Pike Place to pick up some goodies and a mandatory stop at the original Starbucks store across the market- tall soy vanilla latte ordered per the usual.

Despite the chilly weather- our mini-vaca was a great way to leave the city for a few days. Seattle is a gorgeous city and in my opinion 3-4 days is a sufficient amount of time to hit all the cool spots and even make your way over to Vancouver. Until next time Seattle!

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