Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream



This Sunday I finally got to experience the new “it-spot” that has been blowing up on my Instagram news feed for quite some time. We bought our tickets three months in advance- after the museum announced that it was extending it’s stay in LA due to popular demand. The museum was super cute and many of the installations were really interesting, the staff were super friendly and there were samples in every room! My main issue with this museum was that it felt a little too over-hyped, as if the whole museum was made with the purpose of taking pictures and uploading it to social media. My friend and I felt like we had already been there just from seeing so many pictures. There was also no explanation for any of the installations- who even made this museum will still be a mystery to me! Nonetheless, it was a cute Sunday activity (if a little overpriced). The sprinkle pool was definetly a highlight (everyone gets three minutes in the sprinkle pool to get the perfect shot) and my favorite sample was the pink pancake and ice cream sandwich that they gave out at the end- SO GOOD! Check out the pics below! Museum of ice cream goes from city to city for a limited amount of time, they will be letting everyone know what city they will be in on their Instagram handle.

Floral slip dress from ASOS. Slides from Adidas. Glasses from Gentle Monster.

A little outside play area for those waiting for their time slot

This was SO good!

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