London Lovin’

London Lovin’

This post is coming VERY late- but better late than never, right? Right!

This past Thanksgiving I had the chance to make a quick stop in London before continuing on to my annual trip to Israel. London was a very pleasant surprise for many reasons.



Egg's Royale and Banana and Ricotta Pancakes from Muriel's Kitchen in South Kensington


Surprise #1- The British are SUPER nice. Now, I hate to be judgmental and play into stereotypes- but the British don’t have a reputation for being especially friendly. In my experience, this was the complete opposite! Many of the people we encountered were very kind and helpful, easygoing and down to earth.


Surprise #2- London was a lot smaller than I thought. It was very easy to get around- Ubers are super convenient and relatively cheap. I wanted to try the “tube” or the underground metro, but due to the cold and the short amount of time we had there, we decided to take Ubers and Lyfts or walk.

Surprise #3- London had the BEST holiday decorations I have EVER seen. Yes, I have been to other cities that have beautiful holiday decorations- but this was on a completely different level. As if the streets were not cute enough, they add charming decorations that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (which only partially helps with the freezing weather.)

Surprise #4- Buckingham Palace was not as impressive as I thought it would be.

The famous Harrods Department store
Covent Garden

Surprise #5- Afternoon tea is not just for the afternoon. It can be served anytime pretty much. We had “afternoon” tea at a small shop in Covent Garden called Windsor at 7pm. Go figure.

Surprise #6- I guess holiday markets must have started in London, because during our short three day trip I saw 6-7 of them. Some of them did look similar- of course all beautifully decorated, full of tourists, and with amazing smells and bites (such as these pancake bites and hot ciders).

Surprise #7- The architecture is stunning. The details on the buildings are a treat to the eyes.

London is on my return list (although I probably wouldn’t return in the winter)!

London faves: Covent Garden, Bvalgaria neighborhood, Hyde Park, London Eye, Oxford Street.

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