Czech’in Out the Capital- PRAGUE

Czech’in Out the Capital- PRAGUE


View of the Charles Bridge

If you have a few days to kill in Europe- Prague a.k.a. Praha is a great choice. The city is bathed in antiquity and has some really beautiful views and architecture. A modern city in an old town, Prague let’s you imagine what it could have been like to live during the Gothic period.

Honestly, Prague can be done in four days- maybe even three, so it would be a great place to visit if you have a long stopover or if you are trying to combine a few European cities in one trip. Prague was relatively cheap. Much of the city can be walked through within a few hours time and the cost of public transportation is quite low.

Prague tip: BRING GOOD SHOES, after about an hour of walking around your feet will feel like they are going to break off. The city streets are covered in cobblestones and are VERY uncomfortable if you don’t have a good shoe with support. Heels are out of the question and most flats won’t do the job.

Stay: Rather than staying in a hotel, we decided to stay in a hotel-apartment in Wenceslas Square (one of the main city squares in the center of New Town). This was before Airbnb was popular, but it was along the same idea. It was situated across the street from a supermarket and next door to a Starbucks (super convenient).

Trdelník- on every corner.

Food: Good thing that the city is majorly accessible by foot, because with these babies on every freakin’ corner (no lie) we would have had to be rolled onto the plane home. These heavenly rolls of dough are spun under a bunch of coals and topped with cinnamon sugar. You can get it filled with nutella, caramel, jam or whatever the kiosk offers. One thing to note about dining in Prague is that if you are sitting in the center of town aka any place that is even remotely considered touristy- get ready to pay the price. Not even joking- coffee for four people and a slice of cake cost upwards of 50 Euros at one of the cafes in Old Town Square.




Weather: I toured the capital in Late May- Early June and the weather was pretty good. It was cloudy for most of the trip but not cold and thankfully no rain. Most of Europe is quite hot during the summer and frozen over during the winter, so it was actually a decent time to go.




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