About Me

                                                           “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”- Anonymous

Hi! My name is Sappir Golan and no I did not quit my job to travel the world and write blog posts on the daily. I have not backpacked through Europe (yet), I have not snowboarded down the Swiss Alps and I have yet to sip from coconuts off the coast of Thailand. But, I have had my fair share of travel experiences and as a recent grad- I have learned and continue to learn of ways to travel to beautiful places on the cheap. Travel can quickly become an addiction, a very costly one, but in my opinion its necessary in order to really experience life and can be done without breaking the bank. I started this blog as a way to share my experiences with others and highlight some great places to spend your time. As a Los Angeles native, big cities attract me the most, I love being on the go and can explore for hours on end- good food and shopping included. In an effort to be more #cultured, I will feature out of the box things to do in L.A. and in some of the other cities I visit most.

 Follow me as I make my way through the world, one trip at a time : ).

For questions and other inquiries please feel free to contact me at: Seesapgo@gmail.com