A Berry Sunny Sunday

A Berry Sunny Sunday

I love Sundays in the summertime! It’s the perfect time to get away and check out cool new places – even if they may be a little far. The weather is better, the sun is out longer and there are more events, festivals etc. popping up all over town.

This past weekend my friend and I decided to drive up to Carlsbad to check out the Carlsbad flower fields. Unfortunately, after the two and a half hour drive from LA (in traffic, obviously) we got there only to be told it had been closed for the season the previous weekend. We were a little bummed out- but nothing a little google search couldn’t fix!

Our search brought us to a cute strawberry field that was literally down the street. U-Pick Carlsbad Strawberry Co quickly became our activity for the day. With rows and rows of strawberry bushes we crouched low to pick the prettiest and juiciest strawberries.

Later we headed down to Old Town San Diego. I haven’t been to this part of San Diego for a while and it was really cute to go back and see some of the cute shops and cafes that popped up there (and eat a churro). Old Town has a street fair on the weekends and my friend and I decided to pass through. One of the first booths was Bohemian Mantra, with custom bracelets. We decided to get matching bracelets. I chose to get “Hakuna Mata” inscribed on mine and Eden got “Turn the Page”. You can check out the link to the jewelry site here.

Although it was not what we planned- it was definitely a Sunday well spent! Sometimes an unexpected turn of events ends up leading to better adventures!

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