7 Places in LA that will give you total winter vibes

7 Places in LA that will give you total winter vibes

‘Tis the season for bundling up, strolling down snow covered lanes, and sipping hot chocolate while frozen winds swirl around.

Sounds cozy right? Well none of those picturesque winter scenes here. Staring out the window the sunny skies and almost 80 degree weather is causing me to sweat through my new turtleneck sweater, that I obviously did not need because I’ll probably get heatstroke if I stay outside too long. Although we should be “grateful” we have such amazing weather, I won’t lie when I say that I do want to feel like the season is actually changing. Luckily, LA does offer some nice opportunities to feel like it’s actually winter.

So whether you are just visiting or are a SoCal resident in need of those “winter vibes” or just want to feel justified for wearing that new parka-

Here are 7 places that will give you total winter vibes this holiday season:

 1. Stroll through Los Angeles Zoo  Lights Nothing gives a more festive and winter feel than a crazy Christmas lights display.

2. Take a cruise through Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills: Most of the lights stay up through the end of the month. Located at the intersection of Lubao and Oxnard.

3.  Grab a drink and sit by the fireplace at the Wellsbourne.

4.  Visit Mickey and all his friends: The Christmas decorations may have been taken down already, but Disney always gives a festive feel. Winter is off-season at the park, especially after all the kiddies go to school.


5. Scream your lungs out at Six Flags Holiday in the Park

6.  Skate to your heart’s content and fall on your butt at least once at LA Live Ice Skating: gorgeous Christmas tree included.

7. Go tubing without the two hour drive at SNOW! Los Angeles



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