The City that Never Sleeps and Always Eats

The City that Never Sleeps and Always Eats

Two weeks ago I made it for a quick trip to New York- which ended up basically being a food tour. I think I knew before I got there that most of what we were going to do was roll from restaurant to coffee shop to dinner spot- which I had ABSOLUTELY no problem with. Cold weather and good eats made it for a perfect long weekend. Check out the places I enjoyed below:

The avocado toast craze has definetly made it’s way to NYC. This brunch spot on the corner of 25th and 9th Ave adds an Australian twist to their menu. The coffee is GREAT and all the sauces and garnishes they add to their dishes really bring it up an extra notch. It also helps that this place is very aesthetcally pleasing- lots of wood, tiffany blues and even a neon sign. 

Pictured above: Salmon eggs, Belgian waffle and Soy Latte

ippudo ny 5th Ave

Ippudo is a ramen chain with locations all over the globe. Their only US shops are located in New York. We visited the 5th Ave location for lunch and although very busy (for a 2pm lunch) we were seated right away. The shop is small but they managed to fit many tables. They have an intersting block design. The vegetarian shoyu ramen was good (the noodles were different from what I am used to), but the real star of the show were the Hirata Vegetable buns. The buns were PERFECTION and the eggplant which was crispy and marinated in a miso/teryaki sauce was finger lickin’ good. The atmosphere was nice and bright, service was decent. Swipe through to see!

Pictured above: Hirata Vegetable Buns, Shoyu Vegetarian Ramen, black Seasame Mochi

Mocha Burger Soho

After spending a long day walking over 10 miles throughout the city (had to burn off all the food somehow!), I finally made it to dinner with my amazing friends who trekked from all parts of New York for some good burgers and some quality time. We met up at 6:30 and this place was PACKED, which very well could be because it was a long weekend. We waited a good 25-30 minutes (which, I would consider a short wait in LA) before they seated our party of 5. I ordered the BLT (left). My friends ordered the Hawaiian burger, no bun (right), the Funghi burger (the huge mound at the back of the left image) and salads. This spot is on the pricier side- but on par for what is expected at a kosher meat restaurant in the city. I ordered the Oreo Crunch Dessert in a Jar for dessert. 

Pictured above: BLT on brioche bun, bunless Hawaiian Burger


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes… need I say more?! These were probably some of the best pancakes I ever had. They were so fluffy with a perfect amount of lemon. After breakfast brunch we walked through Central Park and eventually ended up at the Met. After window-shopping through 5th Ave, we popped into Dean and Deluca for a quick snack of cinnamon raisin buns and a creamy slice of brie. After meeting up with some friends, my mom and I headed to Five Senses in Koreatown because the rainy evening called for some good Korean food and soju.

Sarabeth’s: Pictured: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Not Pictured: Spinach and Goat Cheese Omlette

Five Senses (Not Pictured): Kimchi Pa Jun pancake and the Dol Sot bi bim bap and of course Peach soju.

Swipe through to see!


On our last day (tear), we explored Chelsea market and the Museum at the Fashion Institute- but first, breakfast! We started at Cookshop (American fare) and ordered the Roasted Broccoli and Cheddar Scramble which was delicious but also very filling and little too heavy for my taste- but the buttermilk biscuit, oh my…

Keeping with tradition (sweet and savory), we went with the Brioche French Toast- nice, but nothing to write home about. 

After exploring the High Line- a mile and a half rail trail and walking in and out of some galleries in the Chelsea neighborhood, we made it to Chelsea Market! After beating myself up for eating a big breakfast (because now I was too full to eat but also contemplating how long is acceptable to wait until the next meal…), we stumbled upon a Halva spot called Seed+Mill which had some DELICIOUS halva (and samples!). I took some of the Marzipan and some of the Sumac Halva (a collaboration with a Shakshuka restaurant aptly named Shuka).

The rest of the day was spent checking out the Fashion Institute’s (free) museum, which featured a very interesting  exhibit on Fashion and Physique and  showcased a large collection of Normal Norell’s greatest pieces. I can’t lie and say I knew who Norman Norell was, but he made some great clothing. And to end this perfect trip-  the sun finally came out and I could walk around without a coat!

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