Oh’ Canada- Day trip to Vancouver

Oh’ Canada- Day trip to Vancouver

We crossed a border and had our passports stamped and I still forgot that we’re in a different country- until my friend reminded me we can’t use our phones and our cash. Our day trip to Vancouver from Seattle was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was a great balance of nature and city.

We headed out of Seattle at the butt crack of dawn-obviously with large coffees in hand from the next door coffee shop. The two and a half hour drive went by smoothly, and the only traffic we came by was once we entered the city. But we’re from LA- traffic’s got nothing on us!

First stop was Stanley Park- essentially the Central Park of Vancouver. An enormous and beautiful park surrounded by the Vancouver Harbor. There is so much to do in this park we could have spent the whole day there! On our little trek through the park, we encountered totem poles, a lighthouse and the most stunning view of the harbor and downtown Seattle. Definitely a great place to check out! The entrance was free, but parking was not (metered lot).

Our next stop was a place I had wanted to see for a while- Capilano suspension bridge park. A huge bridge that is over 250 ft. above water. The bridge shakes and sways while you’re basically in the air. A very cool experience. The park has more to it than just the main bridge. It has many other bridges, a tree house, log cabin, streams, ponds and a bunch of tourists. It really is a beautiful park and not going to lie- a good workout too. The whole trail took us about an hour and a half.

Granville Island Public Market was next! A cute and unique lot that had many different goods- food, clothing, etc. set up both inside and outside. We mainly window shopped- but there was a really cool store that sold different maple products including pure maple liquid and syrups.

So at this point, we were basically starving- so towards the early afternoon, we headed for dinner at Maple Grill. I ordered the spicy buffalo chicken burger and can I say it was probably the best “burger” (it was a piece of fried chicken thigh- so I don’t know if it can be categorized as a burger) I HAD IN MY LIFE. WOW. That thing was gone in about 5 seconds- and no it’s not because I was hungry, it’s because it was so good (okay and also probably because I was hungry). My friend ordered the ocean burger and said it was pretty awesome too.

As the day was nearing to a close, we decided to see the outside of Vancouver’s Science World which has this beautiful dome with lights. Downtown Vancouver still had that holiday feel to it- lights strung all over the trees and hotels. It was just a really cool vibe. To end the night we headed to downtown to walk around. We sat down for some tea at the beautiful TWG Tea Store, got macarons from Laudree’ and bought some sweatpants from Roots (on sale, of course). Canada you were very good to us <3.

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