BarceLovin’- A guide to 4 Days in Barcelona 

BarceLovin’- A guide to 4 Days in Barcelona 


Day 1: Arrival

We got to our hotel via taxi, put down our suitcases and fell asleep (well, I did at least). We started our day around 3 pm and hit the following spots:

  • Las Ramblas- A lonnnnng avenue full of shopping (chain/franchise and local), restaurants and street performers in the middle of town.
  • Port Vell- The end of Las Ramblas hits Port Vell which was beautiful to sit and relax by for a good half an hour.
  • Drinks on Las Ramblas- the port is basically at the end of Las Ramblas, so as we were making our way back up the street we were tempted by all the waiters calling us to try their drinks. We both love a good mojito and people watching, so this was ideal. Plus, patatas bravas, Spain’s famous potato tapas, are offered at all these sidewalk restaurants.
  • La Boqueria- Barcelona’s main market. BUY ALL THE FRESH FRUITS! Everything was so delicious here- I bought flavored bottles of olive oil, packaged olives, fruit cups, and they had some really amazing popsicles. The market starts to die down around 5 pm so it’s best to get there kind of early.
  • The Magic Fountain of Montjuic- Final stop of the night was this magical fountain where beautiful colors, lights and music came into play and provided a very large audience with a great and FREE show. The show runs in the evening until approximately 11 pm and I believe starts every half an hour. You can check hours and directions here.
Street performers on Las Ramblas

Day 2: Gaudi’s Day

  • La Sagrada Familia- GET HERE EARLY before the crowds flock. Even if you are just looking at it from the outside, if you are looking for some good photo-ops you should do it before the masses arrive. Sagrada is a huge church that has been under construction (and still is) for a VERY long time and was designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi.

  • Park Guell-  By far my favorite part of Barcelona! A huge park with beautiful mosaic filled buildings in interesting shapes and colors. Basically a real life Candy Land (minus the candy). Most Barcelona passes either give a discount for the park, but I don’t think I found any that had it included. We purchased our tickets here. Cost: Around 7 Euros for admission (a little extra for a guided tour). Note: Your ticket does have an entrance time and you need to be there at the time your ticket states. Also, this attraction is basically an Instagram hot-spot and a gold mine for photographers- be prepared to wait to get that “perfect shot” among other visitors.
  • La Pederera- Casa Mila & Casa Battlo- these two houses are literally across the street from each other and were both designed by Gaudi. After seeing Gaudi all day we decided to choose one casa over the other. We did a self-guided tour through Casa Battlo which was pretty interesting. You can see the inside of both in the pamphlets that they provide outside the Casa’s- we were more attracted to Batllo- so to Batllo we went(o).

Park Guell

Casa Batllo

Day 3:

  • Picasso Museum-  nestled in a little alley this museum holds some of Picasso’s most famous pieces. The museum is also beautiful! A great place to check out if you are into Picasso’s work.
  • Chocolate Museum- quite close in distance to the Picasso Museum is a cute chocolate museum with amazing sculptures made out of chocolate. The museum is also a school and we got a sneak peek of what the students were creating that day. When you enter the museum they give you a chocolate bar with a picture of the flag of your country! Super cute and also included in our Barcelona City Pass.
  • Arc de Troimf- similar to the ones in other cities, a beautiful red arch in the middle of Barcelona. They actually had some car show near the Arc that day so we got to check that out as well!
  • Ciutadella Park- a beautiful park to sit and eat lunch at! There is a huge pond and small fountains throughout. Definitely a must-see if you are already in the area.
  • Window shopping at Passeig de Gracia- the same street where many of the Gaudi landmarks are which also has many luxury brands, hence “window shopping”.

Day 4:

  • Gothic Quarter & Placa Reial- Placa Reial is a huge plaza in the center of the Gothic quarter. A beautiful place to explore the architecture that has been preserved throughout the decades.
  • Barceloneta Beach- We wanted to dedicate most of the day to the beach because we had heard only good things. Barceloneta is quite easy to get to via bus or metro. We made a pit stop at La Boqueria, because who doesn’t want some good fruit to take to the beach, and made our way. In my honest opinion, Barceloneta beach did not blow me away. It was not overly crowded which was great but coming from Southern California it takes a lot to impress me with a beach. ALSO, it started raining in the middle of our beach day so we took our refuge at a Diagonal Mar Mall. We did get our hair braided by two random ladies at the beach for 5 Euros so that was a plus, a kind of painful one.

La Boqueria Market

Gummies at La Boqueria

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